If you have a situation where a serious claim of inappropriate conduct has been directed against an employee at the workplace then we may be able to help.  Regardless of the type of behaviour alleged we provide a wide range of services which are focused on assisting you to resolve these assertions in a timely and effective manner. Our services provide you a fair, independent and external assessment into a variety of matters including workplace investigations of human rights complaints, personal and sexual harassment allegations, “just cause” inquiries, poisoned workplace claims as well as other kinds of work-related surveys and/or investigations.  Each investigation can be tailored to your organization’s specific requirements.

Investigations may be limited in scope to a fact-finding inquiry designed to determine whether certain types of workplace activity actually occurred.  We collect, review and consider relevant evidence from the workplace in order to determine the facts connected to any allegation.  In addition, if requested, we can take any factual findings made in the course of an investigation and consider them against the pertinent workplace policies in the circumstances.  We provide a written report that summarizes our factual findings and, if requested, our opinion on the practical implications of our investigation to the workplace and provide recommendations that may help you to positively conclude the matter.

A workplace investigation can provide your employees a meaningful opportunity to resolve conflict at work and it can also promote the core values that drive your organization.  So next time you face difficult allegations of employee wrongdoing, let us help you conduct a practical and sensible investigation into workplace allegations prior to your decision regarding any remedial action that may be required by such a claim.


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