In a case where a party might be unable to fully pursue or defend his or her rights in the arbitral forum a pro bono or reduced fee hearing may be available.  A party may make a request for pro bono or reduced rate arbitration in the following circumstances.

In situations where counsel for each party are acting in a pro bono capacity a pro bono arbitration hearing may be made available to the parties upon request at the time of the appointment.

Where the circumstances of one or more of the parties is financially distressed, a party willing to furnish information attesting to their dire economic situation may be  provided a reduced rate arbitration for one or more days of the hearing.  We reserve the right to deny or grant any request based on the information given by the requesting party at the time of the appointment.  If a reduced rate hearing is arranged some conditions may apply including the prepayment of estimated fees and expenses for bookings greater than three (3) days.

Although we cannot guarantee that pro bono or reduced rate arbitrations will be afforded to each request at the time of appointment, we will make every effort to accommodate such requests.


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