Arbitration & Mediation

If you are entangled in a legal dispute but do not necessarily want to proceed to a binding decision we may be able to help. We offer mediation services that assist parties amicably settle their own employment and labour disputes. By using a combination of analytical, communication and other skills we focus the parties upon their primary interests in order to overcome any barriers to settlement.  We undertake conversations with parties that challenge them to review the merits of their legal dispute and reassess their positions. In this way, we are able to suggest a variety of constructive solutions for settling the matter that is sensitive to both the legal context of the dispute and the underlying interests of the parties. As a result, the fundamental concerns of the parties become the touchstone for reaching agreement in our mediated settlements.

Alternatively, where mediation does not settle a matter and the parties still wish to resolve all outstanding issues they may agree to an arbitrated decision.  If the parties are involved in a dispute that involves an important legal principle or the parties need a final and binding decision, arbitration may be more suited to resolving your dispute. We provide services as an independent neutral acting as a sole arbitrator or on a board of arbitration in grievance, interest or other arbitration hearings. Following the hearing of the matter, we deliver an award which contains a summary of the facts, the rationale for the decision and any order that has been issued in the award. In each hearing, we aim to deliver a timely, cost effective means of obtaining a proper legal decision with a minimum of procedural strife.

The next time you have to choose a mediator or arbitrator with the qualifications, knowledge and proficiency to resolve your employment, collective agreement or other dispute please consider our services.  We have helped settle disputes in hundreds of mediations, arbitrations and other legal disputes and we would be pleased to assist you resolve your dispute


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